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Grand Fun

Escape Room — Break Through Reno

Our escape room location is themed as an old Hotel with its own unique story line.

The Grand Break Through Hotel was built in the 1920s by Walter Blackwood III. The Hotel quickly gained an excellent reputation and earned its 5 stars of excellence.

One night, Walter Blackwood III went up to his hotel room and was never seen again. The police investigation went on for years but nothing was found. Ever since mysterious things started happening in the Hotel…

The Centurion Heist

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You are a group of the world’s greatest thieves. Your next price is the world’s second largest diamond kept in a High Security bank vault of The Grand Centurion Casino. Your plan: work your way through the VIP room of the Grand Centurion Casino, break into the “unbreachable” bank vault, defeat the “undefeatable” alarm system, steal the diamond, and escape unseen. Failing is not an option!

The U-Boat – Coming Soon

It is 1942. World War 2 is raging on the Atlantic. You find yourself captured on a sinking German U-Boat. The Crew has evacuated after the ship was damaged in battle. Break out of containment and fix the submarine before it sinks into destruction.

Skull and Scepter

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Famous artifacts and artworks are being stolen from all over the world. Your investigations have led you to the radical religious sect known as The Order of the Skull and Scepter. Soon you realize that a lot more is at stake than the stolen art. Unravel a labyrinth of mysteries and secrets as you infiltrate the Order’s bunker and save the world from a nuclear war. But beware… the Order will stop at nothing to make sure their plans are fulfilled.
**For added difficulty, challenge mode can be requested upon arrival.**

The Sorcerer and the Fountain of Hope

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Legend talks about how the Great Dragon almost destroyed the world as we know it. The Sorcerers of Light prevailed in the Great Battle and locked up the dragon deep inside the magic castle of Azurio. The Fountain of Hope stripped its powers for centuries. Now, a new Lord of Darkness has emerged! The castle has fallen and the fountain turned off. The Great Dragon is growing more powerful with every minute. You will have to break into the castle, turn the Fountain of Hope back on before the dragon grows strong enough to escape and destroy the world for once and for all!