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Grand Fun

Max Action Arena

Take your Grand Adventure to the extreme with Max Action Arena. From axe throwing to free-roaming virtual reality, there is always a new adventure to experience.

Zero Latency Free-Roaming VR

With Zero Latency, you’re not playing the game, you’re IN the game. Your body is the controller and everyone around you is inside the game as well.

The virtual and real-world blend together to transport you inside of a huge, high-tech virtual world like you’ve never experienced before.

Challenging. breathtaking, and incredibly fun. Come in and experience the next level of virtual reality inside of this cutting-edge gaming technology.  Choose from different games or play them all!

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Undead Arena – NEW

You and your friends are the stars of a Post-Apocalyptic Game Show in an ’80s-retro world. Fight your way up a multi-level arena for the enjoyment of a crowd hungry for mayhem, and the amusement of one wildly enthusiastic game show host. Win, and become legends. Lose, and join the Horde. Get ready for the Undead Arena.

Approx. 20 minutes  /  $25 per player


Enter an ancient, alien world where gravity is not as it seems.

This is the fun, puzzling virtual reality walking journey that’ll leave you questioning your own reality.

Approx. 20 minutes  /  $25 per player

Zombie Survival 

An intense and immersive VR experience for those wanting to test their zombie apocalypse survival skills.

You’ll need to work with your team to fend of swarms of ruthless zombies, rebuild defensive barriers and hope you can survive long enough for help to arrive

Approx. 20 minutes  /   $25 per player

Sol Raiders – Advanced 

Form your crew and prepare for blistering, team-based combat across 3 diverse maps, complete with unique objectives. The ultimate virtual reality eSports title for up to 8 players.

Approx. 20 minutes  /  $25 per player


Enter an immersive, science fiction shooter on a station stranded in the depths of space.

Fight to the death against killer robots as you explore narrow corridors, treacherous lifts and zero-gravity environments.

You will need to work together with your squad to get out alive, and find the answers you’re looking for.

Approx. 35 minutes  /   $50 per player

Outbreak Origins – Intermediate 

Thrilling zombie shooter adventure. Ultra-realistic zombies developed from motion capture of live actors.

The epic boss battle finale will keep you and your squad gripping your guns. Get ready for the most advanced free-roam multiplayer VR zombie game ever made!

Approx. 35 minutes  /  $50 per player


Games can be played with a minimum of 1 to 2 players and with a maximum of 8 players at one time!  Players must be 13 or older.


Bad Axe – Axe Throwing

Sharpen your skills and challenge your friends to an Axe Throwing session. You don’t have to be a lumberjack to enjoy throwing axes at a wood target for points and fun.

Controlled and safe. Once you toss your first axe, you’ll be hooked!

  • Ages 18 and older
  • $12 for 10 minutes*
  • $25 for 30 minutes*
  • $40 for 60 minutes*

*Pricing per lane

X-D Theater

No ordinary 3-D ride! Prepare to jump into a unique, multi-sensory, 5-D experience in a world of wind, surround sound and thrills to create a heart-pounding adventure for the whole family. Your theater seat is capable of over 100 movements a second and up to 2 G’s of acceleration so you don’t just see the experience, you feel it too!</p

Choose from five different 5D motions rides:
Dino safari: Exploring the wonderful world of dinosaurs until an insane rainstorm suddenly occurs…will everyone make it out?
Cosmic Coaster: Enjoy the view as you ride through this out-of-world experience, hold on tight and brace yourself for this bumpy ride!
Haunted Mine: Experience some paranormal activity as you find yourself trapped in this haunted mine, and remember don’t enter that Indian sacred ground.
Toy Store: Hop on a plane and enjoy this magical ride though a toy store come to life!
Aqua Ride: Get on a submarine and have a relaxing ride through this fish filled sea.

  • $7 per rider
  • 4 riders for $25

Chaos Jump Virtual Reality

An Immersive Tethered VR experience. Two action-packed games to choose from:
Reclaim: An interactive player vs player where you transfer to different platforms to battle your opponents with a grenade or gun.
Chaos Jump: A Cooperative shooter where you and your teammates work together to fight off robots and capture gold.
You don’t need to be a hard-core gamer to jump into this virtual world and have a great time.

  • 10 minutes
  • 1-4 players
  • Ages 7 and up
  • $12 per player